The case of stainless statins

Ann Clin Biochem 2003;40:576-577
© 2003 Association for Clinical Biochemistry

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Case Reports

JH Barth,
AM Brownjohn and
DRS Jamieson

Department of Clinical Biochemistry and Immunology, Leeds General Infirmary, Leeds LS1 3EX, UK;
Department of Nephrology, Leeds General Infirmary, Leeds LS1 3EX, UK;
Department of Neurology, Leeds General Infirmary, Leeds LS1 3EX, UK

Two cases of hypercholesterolaemic patients are presented inwhom raised plasma creatine kinase was noted during treatmentwith statins. The plasma creatine kinase failed to fall followingcessation of therapy. Further investigation revealed the aetiologyof the raised plasma creatine kinase to be due to previouslyundiagnosed glycogen storage diseases (McArdle’s and Pompe’sdiseases).

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L Sailler, C Pereira, A Bagheri, M Lapeyre-Mestre, J L Montastruc, P Arlet, E Arlet-Suau, E Uro-Coste, H Roussel, D Adoue, et al.
Increased exposure to statins in patients developing chronic muscle diseases: a 2-year retrospective study
Ann Rheum Dis,

May 1, 2008;
614 – 619.

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