Composition of LDL particle discriminates between hypercholesterolaemic persons with and without symptoms of coronary heart disease

Ann Clin Biochem 2004;41:213-219
© 2004 Association for Clinical Biochemistry


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Henretha Van Jaarsveld,
Gertruida F Pool and
Catharina J Bester

Department of Chemical Pathology, University of the Free State, PO Box 339, Bloemfontein 9300, Republic of South Africa

Background: It is well known that high total and LDL cholesterolconcentrations are not prerequisites for ischemic heart disease.This study aimed to differentiate between patients with coronaryheart symptoms and healthy subjects with high cholesterol concentrations,using other potential risk factors such as oxidation state,body iron status and the oxidative state of the LDL particle.

Methods: Healthy persons were divided in low cholesterol (<6 mmol/L) (LC) and high cholesterol (6 mmol/L) (HC) groups. Anadditional group consisted of patients with symptoms of coronaryheart disease (P). The lipid profile, body iron status, plasmaantioxidants and LDL oxidation status were measured.

Results: No significant differences could be observed between the LC and HC groups or between the lipid profiles, plasma antioxidants and parameters of body iron status of the HC and patient groups. Some parameters measured on isolated LDL differed between the HC and patient groups, such as LDL oxidative potential (134.47 vs 93.70 min) and LDL µ-tocopherol (21.83 vs 11.73 µmol/mmolcholesterol).

Conclusion: The oxidative state of the LDL particle discriminatedbetween patients with symptoms of coronary heart disease andhypercholesterolaemic persons without symptoms of coronary heartdisease.

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