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Ann Clin Biochem 2006;43:128-140
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Measurement of pipecolic acid in plasma by gas chromatography- mass spectrometry for the diagnosis of pyridoxine-dependentepilepsy. N J Manning, Sheffield. 128

PTH stability in serum and EDTA-plasma using the Roche E170.D Grenshaw, Westcliff on Sea. 129

Measurement of cotinine in urine by liquid chromatography tandemmass spectrometry. C A Chadwick, Manchester. 129

Stability of cotinine in urine measured by liquid chromatographytandem mass spectrometry. C A Chadwick, Manchester. 130

Clinical analysis of urinary oxalate by LC-MS/MS: comparisonto enzymatic assay. B Keevil, Manchester. 130

Measurement of urine catecholamines using liquid chromatographytandem mass spectroscopy. H Perry, Manchester. 130

Spinning around: Do microclots affect Troponin I results onthe Bayer Centaur? A M Oliver, Leeds. 131

Comparison of four automated cholesterol methods following poorexternal QA performance. H Bruce, London. 131

The faecal elastase 1 test: practical aspects of a stool testfor pancreatic exocrine function. P M Kay, Manchester. 132

Comparison of 12 insulin assays used both routinely and forresearch in the UK and US. S Manley, Birmingham. 132

Dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate interferes with the Abbott Architectdirect immunoassay for testosterone. M H Warner, Hull. 133

Does bilirubin cause interference in Roche creatinine methods?L J Owen, Manchester. 133

Interference by lipaemia in routine assays performed using theBayer Advia 1650. J Bettany, London. 133

Tandem-mass spectrometric measurement of dimethylarginines inplasma and urine. B F Rocks, Brighton. 134

Development of an isotope dilution-GCMS method to measure serumtestosterone in females. Has it a place outside the referencelaboratory? C Davis, Preston. 134

Evaluation of electrospray ionisation mass spectrometry forthe analysis of glycated and acetylated fetal haemoglobin. ADavison, Liverpool. 135

Validation of an assay to study the pharmacokinetics of prednisoloneabsorption in patients with refractory asthma. V Lee, Leicester.135

An investigation of four new potential markers for sarcoidosis.K Knight, Southampton. 135

Evaluation of nine troponin assays. S Lamph, Guildford. 136

Can compensated Jaffe assays be substituted into the MDRD formulato estimate GFR – a comparison with ID-MS? S Vickery, Canterbury.136

A simplified method for the measurement of urinary free cortisol.J E Wear, Manchester. 137

Measurement of urinary free cortisol using liquid chromatographytandem mass spectroscopy. K Thethi, Leeds. 137

Performance of point of care devices in ITU department and theeffect of sample matrix on measured glucose. M Sargazi, Liverpool.137

How well does calcium adjusted for albumin predict free (ionised)calcium? M Sargazi, Liverpool. 138

Use of fluorescence resonance energy transfer for the developmentof a clinical assay of renin activity. N Djedovic, Harrow. 138

A quick HPLC-UV method for the measurement of iohexol in blood.J Christofides, Epsom. 139

Determination of bio-available testosterone using liquid chromatographytandem mass spectrometry. K Duxbury, Manchester. 139

Serum cortisol by tandem mass spectrometry and comparison withimmunoassay. A Sankaralingam, London. 139

The effect of temperature on accurate measurement of uric acidlevels in patients undergoing rasburicase therapy. C Reeves,Liverpool. 140

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