Posters – Diabetes

Ann Clin Biochem 2007;44:36-39
© 2007 Association for Clinical Biochemistry


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Posters – Diabetes


Serum markers of bone metabolism in monitoring patients withdiabetes and Charcot osteoarthropathy. L Musto, London. 36

Fasting satiety index using peptide YY and ghrelin: an indicationof risk of type 2 diabetes in man. H Delaney, London. 36

Reproducibility of the oral glucose tolerance test. C Pitt,Birmingham. 37

The effect of GLP-1 on B-Cell sensitivity to GIP in type 2 diabetes.L Ranganath, Liverpool. 37

Effects of GLP-1 and GIP on energy expenditure and appetitein type 2 diabetes. L Ranganath, Liverpool. 37

Identification of diabetes: 2-year audit of a case-finding protocol.A Hutchesson, Bolton. 38

The association of overweight and obesity with an adverse metabolicprofile in a cohort of Irish children. K T Lim, Dublin. 38

Impaired glucose tolerance in obstructive sleep apnoea. M Kemp,London. 38

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